Field Service Technician (Odessa)

Please refer to essential responsibilities.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Set-up and use an oxygen/acetylene torch for cutting purposes.
  • Develops layout and plans sequence of operations.
  • Locates and marks bending and cutting lines onto work piece.
  • Hammers, chips, and grinds work piece to cut, bend, and straighten metal.
  • Positions, aligns, fits, preheats work pieces, and welds together parts.
  • Verifies conformance of work piece to specifications.
  • Fabricates and assembles sheet metal products.
  • Bolts, clamps, and tack-welds parts to secure in position for welding.
  • Repairs products by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, and reassembling parts.
  • Distinguishes varying thicknesses of metal materials.
  • Lays out, positions, aligns, and fits components together.
  • Positions and clamps together components of fabricated metal products preparatory to welding.
  • Helps out Senior Welder/Fabricators when requested.

Other Functions:

  • Special projects as requested.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Class D Operator license required.
  • Medical card required, if crossing state lines.
  • Ability to drive a company truck.
  • Basic knowledge of blueprints.
  • Ability to utilize all hand tools and grinders.
  • Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.
  • Ability to read and understand information and ideas presented in writing.
  • Ability to apply general rules to specific problems to produce answers that make sense.


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