asset maintenance & performance (AMP)

Innovative systems designed to improve performance and increase longevity

Pilot Thomas Logistics Asset Maintenance and Performance (AMP)

No Downtime Required

The Pilot Thomas Logistics AMP department works with you to minimize downtime, parts replacement, and labor costs related to the maintenance and upkeep of your equipment.

Our highly trained technicians walk you through the process and answer all your questions as they perform filtration and sampling — all while your equipment is running or in standby mode.

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fluid analysis

oil analysis from Pilot Thomas Logistics
oil analysis from Pilot Thomas Logistics

Built on more than 70 years of experience, our fluid analysis program helps maintain our clients’ equipment in peak condition by monitoring remaining useful oil life, wear patterns and trends, and potential external contaminants. We routinely sample our oil for issues that may cause increased downtime, allowing us to notify our customers and avoid both the onset of equipment wear and the potential for catastrophic failure.

• Checks for harmful contaminants that decrease lifespan of machinery

• Helps you be proactive with maintenance and adjust product use accordingly

• Headed by in-house lubrication engineer in conjunction with third party lab


oil filtration

Our innovative on- or off-site continuous loop filtration system allows us to filter your lubricant products to appropriate ISO standards while rigs are running or in standby mode ensuring there is no down time. This filtration technology removes excess water and contamination, which leads to an oil that is often cleaner than products delivered straight from the manufacturing plant.

• Moisture and particle counter leave higher quality product than most manufacturers

• Can filter to your specific ISO standards

• Filtering can take place while running or in standby mode without causing downtime

oil filtration

coolant flushes

Pilot Thomas Logistics coolant and DEF supplier
Pilot Thomas Logistics coolant and DEF supplier

Utilizing quality coolant products is imperative to ensuring the longevity of your systems and thorough coolant flushing practices are essential to allowing your rig systems to dissipate heat in even the harshest conditions. Our coolant flushing process improves performance, functionality and longevity of equipment by minimizing corrosion and scale formation.

• Restores PH balance

• Improves performance, functionality and longevity of equipment

• Minimizes scale formation

oil sampling

oil filtration

Our oil-sampling helps customers remain proactive with their lubricant services such as oil changes and filtrations. By sampling your oil on a consistent basis, we can help pinpoint your next service date before your machinery becomes susceptible to extreme wear and tear, therefore prolonging the life of your valued equipment.

• samples pulled routinely each month

• no hassle with label and online submissions

• no shipping costs

oil sampling

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