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On-Site Fleet Fueling: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Fleet fueling is to bring the fueling to your business rather than taking your business to other retail locations. Instead of having your drivers find the nearest gas station to fill their tanks, you get a fueling service to meet your drivers when they need the fuel.

Propane vs. Other Energy Sources

Propane is a type of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) that comes from natural gas processing and crude oil refining. It is a clean-burning fossil fuel, which emits fewer pollutants into the atmosphere than other types of energy sources.

Product Family Spotlight - SPX Powertac Grease

SPX greases are designed with performance and simplicity in mind. Using high quality base oils and lithium complex thickeners, these greases are versatile and capable of covering needs in the automotive, construction, and mining industries.

Pilot Thomas Logistics 2021 On-Time Delivery rate

On-Time Delivery rate has remained above 98%, despite significant product availability issues impacting a variety of major lubricant suppliers due to shortages, understaffing and disasters.

AMP Increases Lifespan, Performance of Machinery

The Pilot Thomas Logistics Asset Maintenance & Performance Services (AMP) program provides a variety of oil and chemical technical services that protect high dollar assets and verify the performance of your fluids.

Drivers at PTL Reflect Changing Industry

No place is the vital role women are playing in the trucking industry more apparent for PTL than its Carlin, Nevada operation where 17 women drivers work alongside the leadership of Ore Haul Manager Kathy Beckwith and Director of Operations Marcus Fish.

SPX Endurance Pioneering the Natural Gas Engine Oil Industry

Field-proven and meticulously formulated, SPX Endurance ashless and low-ash natural gas engine oils continue to set a new bar for product performance within the NGEO space.

Petroleum Prices Increasing As Oil Reserves Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

As previously overstocked inventories return to pre-pandemic levels, the price of crude, in conjunction with several other factors, is contributing to a previously unprecedented rate of price increases within the market.

Customer Portal Now Available for Marine Customers

Marine’s inland and coastal customers now have the option of placing online orders for bulk fuels, lubricants, chemicals and other services. Previously, these customers could only place online orders for groceries and supplies on the inland waterways.

Celebrating the Women at Pilot Thomas Logistics

Women continue to play a vital role at Pilot Thomas Logistics, smashing countless stereotypes about their role in the workforce. As Women’s History Month wraps up for 2021, PTL wants to acknowledge and honor the women who contribute to our success on a daily basis at every level of the company.

PTL Customer Portal Use Continues to Climb

Eliminating the traditional needs for contacting a sales rep or terminal dispatch, the PTL Customer Portal gives customers complete control to select “Favorites” for simple reordering, review product specifications before placing an order.

Pro Spotlight: Lubricant Insight from a Professional

We took some time with PTL Lubrication Engineer Justine Cherwink to debunk some myths, gain some truths and learn more about the flagship SPX brand of lubricants.

Castrol Products Selected for NASA Mission

Two of Castrol's products were recently selected for use on a NASA mission to Mars. Castrol® Premier Distributor Pilot Thomas Logistics proudly commends them on this achievement.

What You Need to Know Regarding Engine Coolants Part 1

Many of us know that the holiday seasons mean our vehicles must also be prepared to handle the sometimes harsh conditions that come with winter weather. Depending on where you live, you may be exposing your engine to extreme temperatures on both end of the spectrum throughout the year.

Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Doing Business During Pandemic

This year has shown us the importance of safety, adaptability and resilience in the face of unprecedented obstacles in nearly every aspect of our lives. Use the following guidelines and tips to help you and your organization succeed

Will my oil prices go up?

Petro-Canada America Lubricants announced a price increase of up to 10% effective November 18, 2020. See why this decision was made and the impact it may have on PTL partners, customers and distributors.

The Unsung Importance of Lubricant Storage

Selecting the right lubricant products for your machinery is only the beginning! By paying attention to the storage and handling of your lubricants, you're maximizing their efficiency, which helps your operations in the long run

Why Oil Viscosity Matters

Determining the appropriate viscosity when selecting a lubricant for your machinery is paramount — but it doesn't have to be difficult if you're armed with the right knowledge. We've gathered some terrific online resources to help educate you on the fine art of lubricant viscosity.

Lubricant Cleanliness and Filtration: What You Need to Know Part 1

Lubricant cleanliness and filtration play an important role in the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. Better decisions regarding products and services are often made when one understands the details of the filtration process.