Celebrating the Women at Pilot Thomas Logistics

Women continue to play a vital role at Pilot Thomas Logistics, smashing countless stereotypes about their role in the workforce. As Women’s History Month wraps up for 2021, PTL wants to acknowledge and honor the women who contribute to our success on a daily basis at every level of the company. We thank you for all that you do and look forward to the next milestones we know you will help us achieve!

The Women Out in Nevada

Seventeen of the 19 female drivers employed by PTL work in Carlin, Nevada under the leadership of Kathy B. When asked about her experience working with women in an industry usually associated with men, Kathy responded by referring to the wisdom of a renowned American aviation pioneer:

Women should do for themselves what men have already done — occasionally what men have not done — thereby establishing themselves as persons, and perhaps encouraging other women toward greater independence of thought and action.

-Amelia Earhart

Additionally, Kathy's team of drivers contributed some of the maxims that have come to define why they love doing what they do and help them stay some of the best in the business:

Be Alert Be Safe
There Is No I In Team
-Cathy M.
Get Out And Look
Team Work Makes The Dream Work
PTL Proud
-Crystal M.
Let’s Get Bread
-Makendra G.
Don’t Be Busy Be Productive
You Get What You Work For Not What You Wish For
-Danielle S.
We Do It Safely Or We Don’t Do It 
-Martha C.
I Know I Truck Like  A Girl.. Try To Keep Up
I’m A Truck Driver And A Mom You Can’t Scare Me
-Serena M.
White Line Fever Sing It Loud Sing It Proud
-Teresa L.
Life Is Short Live It Large
-DaNaie H.