important notice: spx product description changes

This notice is to let you know of some upcoming SPX product description changes.  

Pilot Thomas Logistics has been distributing a private label brand of lubricants, coolants, and various chemicals under the SPX brand predominantly into the energy industry with great success. More recently, Pilot Thomas Logistics has been expanding the SPX brand, marketing, and product offerings into various markets including commercial, industrial, and mining. These markets cover regions all across the US and the SPX brand is gaining a larger customer base in these sectors. 

With these changes and growth, there have been a few SPX product descriptions that have been updated to reflect more concise information about the application and performance of the product. Additionally, some of the new naming conventions should eliminate confusion.  

The only changes associated with this communication are product descriptions. There is no change in the formulation,specifications, or performance of the SPX products you currently purchase.Therefore, the changes you and your team will encounter will be the updated product descriptions on orders, delivery tickets, and invoices.  

As a result, if you need to update your SDS library, you may find the updated SDS documents on our external website referenced below. The PDSs (Product Data Sheets) are also available and will reflect the new product descriptions. Please also consider updating your own databases or software that may have old SPX product descriptions to ensure less confusion within your company.  

Please feel free to contact Justine Cherwink directly with any questions as well as your local sales or operations contact. We appreciate your continued business with PTL.

SPX Product Data Sheets

SPX safety Data Sheets

corporate safety data sheets