Extend the life and increase the productivity of your critical equipment.

The luxury of choice, the comfort of quality

In addition to a wide range of the world's most trusted names, our in-house SPX brand of products allows us to deliver the highest quality materials for the most competitive prices.

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lubricants selection

Engine Oils

  • SPX Super DEO CK-4 Diesel Engine Oil 15W-40
  • SPX Super DRF Diesel Engine Oil 15W-40
  • SPX Low Ash Natural Gas Engine Oil
  • SPX Ashless Natural Gas Engine Oil
  • +Phillips 66 and Chevron options

compressor and r&o oils

  • SPX eRO ISO 22 - 460
  • SPX Compressor Oil EB
  • +Phillips 66 and Chevron options

transmission & Drive Train Fluids

  • SPX DTO4 Fluid 10W, 30, 50
  • SPX Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
  • +P66 and Chevron Options, Including ATFs

hydraulic oils

  • SPX AW Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 - 100
  • SPX Low Pour Hydraulic Oil
  • SPX Enviro-Safe AW Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 - 68
  • +Phillips 66 and Chevron options

gear oils

  • SPX GL-5 Gear Oil 80W-90 & 85W-140
  • SPX Synthetic GL-5 Gear Oil 75W-90 & 80W-140
  • SPX Gear Oil EP ISO 68 - 680
  • SPX Synthetic Gear Oil EP ISO 150 - 320
  • +Phillips 66 and Chevron options


  • Multipurpose (lithium, lithium complex, calcium, etc.)
  • Hi Temp (lithium, lithium complex, calcium, clay, etc.)
  • Moly (lithium, lithium complex, calcium, etc.)
  • Motor (lithium, polyurea, etc.)