Drivers at PTL Reflect Changing Industry

Ore Haul Driver Cassie F.

According to career information website,, women continue to represent a larger percentage of the professional truck driver workforce, comprising nearly 17% of the nearly 673,000 professional truck drivers in 2020.

No place is the vital role women are playing in this industry more apparent for PTL than its Carlin, Nevada operation where 17 women drivers work alongside the leadership of Ore Haul Manager Kathy Beckwith and Director of Operations Marcus Fish.

Quoting notably strong women such as Amelia Earhart and Serena Williams, Beckwith says she encourages strength, camaraderie, inspiration and independence among her team.

A little humor pairs well with a positive attitude when filling the role of road warrior, as shown by driver Serena M.

"I'm a mom and a truck driver, you can't scare me," she says with a smile.