PTL Customer Portal Use Continues to Climb

Boasting new features and increased ease-of-use functionality, the PTL Customer Portal continues to see an increase in users as customers turn to online ordering. The PTL Customer Portal seeks to create an online ordering experience for bulk fuels, lubricants and services that rivals the biggest online retailers.

Having launched its first iteration in 2019, the PTL Customer Portal saw a tremendous uptick in user growth during 2020 as the global pandemic increased the need for contactless ordering and online transactions. Further upgrades and implementations led The Southern Gas Association to grant PTL the Excellence in Crisis Award in Engineering Innovation for its customer base adoption nationwide.

Eliminating the traditional needs for contacting a sales rep or terminal dispatch, the PTL Customer Portal gives customers complete control to select “Favorites” for simple reordering, review product specifications before placing an order and access invoice history, all while ushering in the latest and greatest version and attracting new users every month. PTL continues to push the technological envelope with its e-commerce capability and emphasis on the customer experience.

Sign up for PTL Customer Portal today and immerse yourself in an all new online ordering experience for bulk fuels and lubes.