SPX Endurance Pioneering the Natural Gas Engine Oil Industry

Field-proven and meticulously formulated, SPX Endurance ashless and low-ash natural gas engine oils continue to set a new bar for product performance within the NGEO space.

Boasting features shown to reduce maintenance and extend component life, SPX Endurance products also help reduce oil consumption, minimize exhaust system deposits and reduce the amount of make-up oil needed.

John Shelton, Director of Energy Lubricants and Chemicals for Pilot Thomas Logistics, touts the SPX Endurance family of gas engine oils as a cost effective product that outperforms major brands in comparable applications.

“We set out to offer better performance at a better value,” Shelton says. “Thanks to our engineers, we were able to do that by formulating a product that meets and often exceeds current industry and OEM specifications.”

The SPX Endurance product line currently consists of:

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