AMP Increases Lifespan, Performance of Machinery

The Pilot Thomas Logistics Asset Maintenance & Performance Services (AMP) program provides a variety of oil and chemical technical services that protect high dollar assets and verify the performance of your fluids.      Customers can choose from a variety of options we  provide in order to help their operations reach peak performance.

•   Oil Sampling Technical Services

•   Chemical Sampling Technical Services

•   Filtration / Dehydration

•   Coolant Flushes

•   Lubricant Dispensing Systems

•   Technical Lubricant Training


Trained PTL technicians pull fluid samples and confirm asset IDs and serial numbers on-site. Samples are shipped to third party labs within 24 hours of being pulled.

•   Expert local technicians with consistent processes  

•   On-site review of equipment condition

•   On-site confirmation of asset IDs and serial numbers

•   Proper labeling and quick turnaround

•   No lost samples

•   Saves time and reduces overall cost

•   PTL takes ownership of sampling responsibility, eliminating concern


Samples processed at reputable, independent third party labs. Results are then communicated meaningfully with asset-specific maintenance recommendations.  Fluid testing capabilities include lubricants, coolants, TEG, and other auxiliary chemicals.

•   Monitoring fluid and equipment condition

•   Extend fluid and equipment life and usage

•   Pro-actively protect equipment from costly issues or failures

•   Data interpretation, troubleshooting, and root cause analysis assistance

•   Improve data consistency and usage

•   Specific reports provided to appropriate personnel

•   Simplify administrative tasks such as ordering, shipping, tracking

•   Streamline vendor list and points of contact


Custom-built training for all levels of an organization including corporate, operations, maintenance, and field personnel. In-person or remote/electronic instruction available.

•   Sample pulling best practices

•   Oil analysis program administration

•   Oil analysis technical report interpretation

•   Custom/targeted training

Education for our team significantly improves maintenance decision making accuracy and the value of PTL services.

       •      Lubes: learn what differentiates the products purchased

       •      Coolants: understand product  types and applications

        •     Chemicals: how chemistry affects equipment performance


Increase useful hydraulic, gear, or turbine oil life by utilizing our on-site or off-site filtration and dehydration services. Contaminated oil can wreak havoc on equipment and cause poor performance and/or accelerated onset of wear. Our oil filtration system can remove both particles and water, bringing oil within new oil ISO cleanliness codes and specification limits. Sample analysis provided before and after show improved oil condition and level of cleanup.

•   Bulk hydraulic, gear, and turbine oil filtration   and dehydration

•   Reduce ISO cleanliness codes to new oil levels

•   Remove excess free and emulsified water

•   Protect equipment from wear and corrosion issues

•   Elongate life and usability of lubricant

•   Options for service on or off location depending on practicality/safety


Improve coolant performance and cooler efficiency with on-site de-ionized water or chemical flush service. Coolant flush service based on regular analysis provides extended radiator life by preventing onset of wear and corrosion.

•   Radiator flushing and cleaning

•   Options for use of DI water or DI water + chemical cleaner

•   Improve coolant performance and efficiency

•   Protect equipment from wear and corrosion issues

•   Elongate life and usability of coolant

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