midstream and compression solutions

Products and services designed to your specifications.

midstream and compression services

We customize our products and services to you

Pilot Thomas Logistics services natural gas engines and compressors with premium lubricants, coolants and chemicals. We also provide a wide range of technical services to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently and effectively – including filter and used oil disposal, scheduled "milk runs" and tailored tank and containment configurations best suited for our individual customer’s needs.

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value-added services

fluid analysis and equipment efficiency

Our growth is the direct result of cultivating the expertise required to successfully offer a broad ranges of products and services. In order to make sure you're getting the most out of your operations, Pilot Thomas Logistics offers the following:

laboratory Support
field analysis support
onsite troubleshooting

operator training
personnel training
product usage reports

fluid analysis and equipment efficiency

fluid analysis

oil analysis from Pilot Thomas Logistics
oil analysis from Pilot Thomas Logistics

Our fluid analysis program helps maintain our clients’ equipment in peak condition by monitoring remaining useful oil life, wear patterns and trends, and potential external contaminants. We routinely sample our oil for issues that may cause increased downtime, allowing us to notify our customers and avoid both the onset of equipment wear and the potential for catastrophic failure.

• Checks for harmful contaminants that decrease lifespan of machinery

• Helps you be proactive with maintenance and adjust product use accordingly

• Headed by in-house lubrication engineer in conjunction with third party lab

product selection

wholesale fuels

  • Unleaded Gasoline
  • Propane

gas compression engine oils

  • SPX Endurance Ashless NGEO 30, 40, 15W-40
  • SPX Endurance Low Ash NGEO 40, 15W-40
  • SPX Endurance XD Low Ash NGEO 40, 15W-40
  • SPX Endurance FS Low Ash NGEO 30
  • SPX Low Ash NGEO 30, 40, 15W-40
  • + Castrol and Chevron Options


  • SPX Powertac HT EP
  • SPX Powertac M5 EP
  • + Castrol and Chevron Options

    compressor and r&o oils

    • SPX Compressor Oil EB 150, 220
    • SPX R&O 22 - 460
    • + Castrol, Chevron and Summit Options

    coolants & CHEMICALS

    • SPX ELC 100%, 50/50, 60/40
    • SPX Nitrite Free ELC 50/50
    • SPX Universal Coolant 100%, 50/50, 60/40
    • SPX Ethylene Glycol 100%, 80%, 50%, 30%
    • SPX Propylene Glycol 100%, 60%, 50%
    • +Peak, Hunstman, KOST and Chevron Options

    GAs dehydration

    • SPX TEG (Tri-Ethylene Glycol)
    • SPX Inhibited TEG