private and commercial fuel programs

A more efficient and cost-effective fueling process.

onsite cardlock services for fueling

Keep and dispense your own fuel on-site

An onsite cardlock tank and dispenser is like having your own personal fueling station. This increases your company's productivity by eliminating unnecessary time and costs from your operations. For those on the go, our strategically placed commercial cardlock locations provide a better experience and more competitive prices than traditional gas stations.

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private on-site fuel program

With our private on-site fuel program, we provide fuel tanks for your company’s personal yard or job site. We deliver bulk product to these as determined by state-of-the-art tank monitors that allow us to monitor and manage your inventory, hassle-free.

• Advanced telemetry provides key metrics and ensures that your supply does not reach critically low levels

• Onsite fueling stations Increase efficiency and productivity of machinery

• Customized programs can be combined with mobile fueling and fleet card options

onsite tank with commercial cardlock

Commercial cardlock

fleet cards for retail and commercial cardlocks

In addition to being accepted at more than 90 percent of retail locations nationwide, our Fleet Cards also grant you exclusive access to any of our strategically-located commercial Cardlocks. You'll receive the benefit of avoiding long waits along with competitive pricing.

• More than 60 locations available throughout the country

• More than just fuel - multiple products available

• Access to 24/7 Pilot Thomas Logistics customer service team

Call our dedicated Cardlock customer service team to get started today. We will assess your needs and provide a custom fueling solution designed to save you time, energy and money.


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