Maxum Petroleum's Environmental Efforts and Achievements

Since 1989, Maxum Petroleum has provided clean fuels and lubricants to the Seattle maritime and waterfront community. In 2017, Maxum completed a number of environmental projects with direct impact to the improvement of water quality and the protection of natural resources. Maxum continues to participate in cooperative partnerships, trainings, and/or outreach opportunities with a number of organizations, including the Port of Seattle, Department of Ecology, US Coast Guard, Seattle Fire, and the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle. Maxum pursued innovative, creative, and sustainable solutions to environmental problems that made good business sense and produced benefits to the greater Seattle community, and a win for the environment.

Maxum’s new tank vessel, the Global Provider, is built to service the local maritime fuel and lubricant needs while providing the highest level of environmental protection and compliance. The Global Provider features an advanced tank level monitoring system, redundant propulsion and power, robust fire-fighting capability,and enhanced spill response equipment including FLIR. While oil barges tend to target the commercial deep draft market, the Global Provider is sized to service a wider range of vessels while avoiding the problematic storm water runoff implications, facing other fuel providers in the Seattle market, associated with fueling outside of containment by shore-side tanker truck. This vessel provides a structure to remove some of Maxum trucks off the road and greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Maxum’s investment in safe, clean, and compliant operations has been acknowledged with excellent inspection results from the United States Coast Guard and Washington State Department of Ecology. During this period, we’ve had two USCG compliance inspections at each of our fueling facilities, two storm water permit inspections, and numerous oil transfer inspections. The various agencies have not issued or noted any violations or deficiencies related to the operations.

Maxum’s environmental achievements were recently recognized by the Port of Seattle as the recipient of the Port’s 2017 Environmental Excellence Award which is given to Maritime Organizations that exhibit outstanding environmental stewardship.

Maxum’s goal is to continually improve upon our safety, compliance, and sustainable environmental stewardship in all aspects of our operation. By partnering with organizations such as the Port, Coast Guard, and Ecology we work together to create economically and environmentally sustainable solutions to environmental issues.

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