PTL Proudly Recognizes Four “Safety Champions"

PTL would like to commend Operations Manager Randell Allen and the Las Vegas team on excellent safety leadership as outlined in the following:

Joseph B. – (ZERO Spill Checklist) Joseph was following the zero spill prevention checklist and found that the valve to take samples was left in the open position. He closed valve before proceeding resulting in a safe transfer. By following the zero spill checklist every time ensures a successful transfer.

Mark P. – (Near Miss Reporting) Mark led the Southwest Region in near miss reporting.

Nathan A. – (Stop Work Obligation) Nathan utilized “stop work” when a carrier arrived at the facility to unload but did not understand how to safely operate their own equipment. This reduced the possibility of an incident from occurring.

Ernest B. - (Spill Prevention) Ernest went above and beyond in researching the underlying cause of gasket failures for fuel piping during repairs. By taking the extra time to ensure surfaces are flat and bolts are properly tightened will help reduce premature failure.

Keep up the excellent work!

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