Our products help keep your vehicles, machinery and equipment running smoothly.

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Whether it's on-site bulk storage or pre-determined and on-demand mobile fueling, our farm fleet petroleum solutions add a new layer of convenience and productivity to your operations. Our customized solutions can help reduce labor expenses by up to $.40 per gallon while reducing maintenance expenses and wear and tear on your vehicles and equipment. We ensure you get exactly the fuels, lubricants and chemicals you need to run a successful farming operation.

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on-site bulk storage

With PTL, you no longer have to worry about the headache of properly fueling and caring for your machinery and equipment. We bring the fuel and lubes to you.

With our private on-site Cardlock program, we provide product tanks on your property or job site. We automate the inventory managing process and deliver bulk product when you need it so you can focus on your operations.

• Bulk deliveries of all key products available: fuels, DEF and lubricants such as hydraulic fluids and cutting oils

• Remote tank monitoring ensures tanks never reach predetermined critically low levels

• Removes logistical hassle of proper maintenance for fleets by providing everything needed on-site

• Increase efficiency and productivity of machinery with on-site fueling stations

mobile fueling (wet hosing)

Those who rely on large fleets of vehicles and equipment are familiar with the time it takes to properly fuel and maintain them. These hours add up over the course of the year, impacting productivity in a big way. Mobile fueling gives you back this precious time.

Our mobile fueling program eliminates down-time and wasted man hours by fueling your fleet on-site at any time, including overnight. We make it easy for you to operate at maximum efficiency without having to worry about your fuel and product levels.

• Reduces labor time associated with fueling vehicles or equipment, reducing real cost of fuel

• Reduces expenses, improves efficiency, offers administrative benefits and unsurpassed convenience

• provides Greater control and tracking of inventory

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product selection

wholesale fuels

  • Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Unleaded Gasoline

heavy duty engine oils

  • SPX Super DRF 15W-40
  • SPX Super HD 15W-40 CK-4
  • + Castrol, Phillips 66 and Chevron options


  • SPX ELC  (Extended Life Coolant) 100%, 50/50, 60/40
  • SPX Nitrite Free ELC 50/50
  • SPX Universal Coolant 100%, 50/50, 60/40
  • +Peak, Hunstman, KOST, Phillips 66 and Chevron Options

Gear oils

    • SPX GL-5 Gear 80W-90, 85W-140
    • SPX Synthetic GL-5 Gear 75W-90, 75W-140
    • + Castrol, Phillips 66 and Chevron options

    Transmission & DRIVE TRAIN fluids

    • SPX DTO4 Fluid 10W, 30, 50
    • SPX Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
    • +P66 and Chevron Options, Including ATFs

    industrial oils

    • SPX Pump Oil

    hydraulic OILs

    • SPX Enviro-Safe AW Hydraulic 32, 46, 68
    • SPX HVI Hydraulic 32
    • SPX Hydraulic 32, 46, 68, 100
    • + Castrol, Phillips 66 and Chevron options

    various greases

    • Multipurpose (lithium, lithium complex, calcium, etc.)
    • Hi Temp (lithium, lithium complex, calcium, clay, etc.)
    • Moly (lithium, lithium complex, calcium, etc.)
    • Motor (lithium, polyurea, etc.)

    DEf/Diesel Exhaust Fluid